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If you have any questions about the State of Nature 2023 please contact us as outlined above or check our FAQs for some helpful information.

Please note that we do not have printed copies of this or previous Reports.

What data have been used for the State of Nature Reports?

You can find out more about the data used in the appendices of each report. You can also interrogate the data through our app on the Data page.

Who wrote the Report?

State of Nature reports are produced through a collaboration of over 60 partners, from conservation NGOs, research institutes, and statutory nature conservation bodies. We work together to assess the state of the UK’s wildlife, and to understand this in the light of the pressures on nature and the responses being made to recover our natural heritage. You can find links to each of the partners on the Partners page.

Who funded the Report?

In addition to data, time, effort and expertise from individuals and organisations across the partnership, JNCC, the People’s Trust for Endangered Species, National Museums Northern Ireland, National Trust, RSPB, Scottish Environment Link, the Wildlife Trusts and WWF funded production of this report. The RSPB provides a secretariate role for the State of Nature report and partnership.

How do I reference the Report?

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